Alemouny Eneiky

Mounir's first album

Munir released his first album, "Alemouny Eneiky" (Your Eyes Taught Me), in 1977. It included 10 songs, the most prominent of which were "Donia Rayha" (The World Is Going), "Ya Sabeya" (Oh, Girl), "Amana ya Bahr" (A Promise, Oh Sea), "Fe Eneiky Ghorba" (In Your Eyes There Is Strangeness), and "Eih Ya Belad Ya Ghariba" (Oh, Strange Land). He collaborated with prominent poets and composers such as Abdel Rahim Mansour, Ahmed Moneib, and Hani Shenouda.

The album's songs were recorded at the Cinema City Studio with engineer Nasry Abdel Nour.

The album was produced by Sonar Company, which was its first collaboration with the younger generation.

The album was originally supposed to be called "ِAmana Ya Bahr" (A Promise, Oh Sea), but in agreement with Hani Shenouda, the name "Alemouny Eneiky" (Your Eyes Taught Me) was chosen.

All the songs on the album are written by Abdel Rahim Mansour.

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